I Make Them All For Me

No matter what kind of art you make, yes even comic strips, you have to make them for yourself.

Let me amend that: Unless you're getting paid decent money to create for a company, you should make art for yourself.

I doubt a successful commercial jingle is made by a guy who's saying, "Hey man, that's my ART! Don't mess with how I feel!" No, he has to sell....crackers, or whatever he's been paid to make music about.

But in the case of people doing stuff on their own time for little or no money, yes, do it for yourself. If people like it, that's wonderful. If they don't it's not as wonderful, but at least you got whatever you were trying to do out of your system. At best you'll learn from what worked and what didn't. You may do it even better next time.

All the comics people don't get/find amusing are the ones my wife Rachel likes, like this one.

So I took the seven stages of grief and reversed them to show how people figure out something is wrong.

You start out, of course, with Acceptance.

I like to think it's because of all those high brow literature classes Rachel takes, but it's probably just because Rachel gets me.

A comment on Reddit was "it took way too long to get this comic". That person's probably right. People expect to dissect a poem, not a comic.

Anyway, I thought this was BRILLIANT when I made it at 4am.