I didn't participate in the wildly popular #inktober, mainly because I have the free time of an active ping pong ball (and also because I take the time to dip an actual brush into an actual bottle of ink every day for the strip and, frankly, I need a #digitober).

But I somehow found time to make this wobbly brush sketch for #normvember. It's a gag, see, for Michael Jantze's wonderful comic The Norm. I've stopped being surprised that cartoonists whose work I've admired for a very long time turn out to be just as nice as their comics, and Micahel (that's Mr. Jantze to me) is no exception.

The Norm was one of those comics that assured me that the comics page was going to be ok in the modern era. Do yourself a favor and check out the books on Amazon. My 4:30am sketch is not doing the strip justice, for some reason.