Lovely Art

So I was lucky enough to receive two Christmas cards from cartoonists. This is new to me. Stupid me, I never thought of sending out actual cards. They always cheer me up, but I think I've been sucked into the digital word where physical cards have no magic. Now I want to send out cars and it's too late. Happy Lincoln's Birthday?

 Dan Pavelich, of the wonderful Just Say Uncle sent me a card that arrived on a day we were experiencing terrible flooding. My mail lady, a wonderful person, accidentally left the card half hanging out of my mailbox and it was nearly ruined. So I don't feel I would be doing it justice by scanning it here. Just go to GoComics, read his strip. You won't be sorry.


Darrel Troxel makes one of my favorite webcomics, That Comic Thing.  Like Dan above, I became aware of Darrel's existence on Twitter. He wasn't even doing a comic then. I just thought "Dear god, this guy is as crazy as I am" and followed him immediately. I love his graphic sensibility and his unique style has only gotten better and better as time progresses. Ideally, that's how it's supposed to work.  People like me can have a habit of slapping something out at one in the morning which doesn't do any good for progressing a style (or does it?). Anyway, this card came with stickers and it was awesome. I hate the word awesome. It's overused and said a lot where I live. But if it's awesome, why change it to another word?



Finally, I received a Sanity Sketch from comic strip master Michael Jantze. This wasn't a Christmas card, this was a reward doing a comic for his upcoming book Knocked Out Loaded. You can find his other books on Amazon here. Michael is a cartoonist's cartoonist.  I was a huge fan of his strip The Norm for years before meeting him and it should be no surprise to anybody that he's as talented and bursting with energy as you want your inspirational people to be.

That's it for today, kids! As the sun rises, the thought eventually comes to me that maybe I should sleep once and awhile.