Person after person, terribly close family members, distant relatives, longtime friends, vague acquaintances and strangers off the street (which is to say numerous imaginary people) have asked me why I changed the site. 

The reason is simple: I was sick of it. I chose the name Cheesebo as a lark when I was intending to register the name Cheeseborough. I set up the site (like this one) without any real solid knowledge of what I was doing and I was on my way.

That would've been fine, and it was fine for a time, but more and more everybody I knew was accessing everything web-related on their phone. At least I assume they were. I had my head down most of the time looking at my phone, so I can't be completely certain.

This is a simple site with simple navigation that will hopefully be phone friendly and fun. Right now it's in a very primitive state, but fear not! If all goes as smoothly as it did with Cheesebo, I should make adjustments no later than three years from now.