Brain Switch

The handle on my car door broke. It happened back when it was below freezing outside. Way below. I may have parked on the moon. I went to open my car door and...snap...something on the inside of the door tugged away and the handle went limp like a broken arm.

So now I can only open my door from the inside. To get into the car I go in through the passenger side, roll down the driver's door window, then walk back around and open the driver's door from the inside. I really need to get that fixed.

That hasn't stopped me from trying to open my car door the normal way day after day. I tug and nothing happens. Then I look around as if I've forgotten something, casually walk around to the passenger side, reach in and fiddle around like everything is perfectly normal. It's especially weird at crowded gas stations.

If we ever develop telekinesis it won't be so we can fight super villains. The real value will be to get switches and doors to act the way we think they will.