Isaac Asimov was one of the few "celebrities" whose death completely shattered me (it's somehow odd to think of him as a celebrity, but I'll put him in that category for sake of comparison).

He died from AIDS, which he got when he had his heart bypass surgery. They didn't test the blood for AIDS at that time.

He was the 21st Century before this century existed. I think he would've liked all of the gadgets we now have, but would've been especially brilliant at writing articles that easily explained the advances in genetic research, the genome project, the hadron collider or discoveries in space.

I loved his fiction, but I loved his teaching even more. He could take any subject and make it understandable to an idiot like me. Most of his nonfiction books are now out of print, but they're worth digging up at the library or used book stores.

This isn't particularly funny, is it? Well, not all comics should be funny. I didn't name them "comics", after all. People from Isaac Asimov's generation named them. So there.