Grandpa Says Hi


Ok, so what am I doing here? Sometimes the people who are no longer around enter my thoughts out of the blue. I make a decision based on our shared experiences in the past, reflect on the way I was raised, or whatever.

It makes me think. One little diversion in the lives of my ancestors and I wouldn't be here. I tend to think of the highlights when I remember people, but sometimes I take in the whole picture and remember my parents and grandparents for the flawed people they were.

They passed on some good traits to me. They passed on some bad. Some traits I like to think I came up with myself. Either way, I can selfishly claim that it all lead to me or think of myself as a part of an ongoing stream that will maybe (just maybe) lead to better and better people.

Before we go extinct.

Anyway, Harvey (the so-called main character of this Berle-dominated strip) is named after one of my grandfathers and I was thinking about him.

I guess I could've just said that without proselytizing about it.