Big Brother

This is my most popular comic. It's received a billion, trillion hits over the years (I'm rounding up). As usual, I have no idea why. The adage goes that the ones I spend a lot of time on and love are the ones nobody likes, while the ones I just sketch out and don't think about are the ones that gets the most attention.

I sketched this in pencil on notepaper in the middle of the day. I just darkened it in Photoshop and uploaded it. It got no attention. Later, I colorized it and...BOOM...lots of attention.

It was originally posted on an older site. Last year I posted it on Reddit and, again, it got a lot of attention. One comment accused me of stealing this, because they saw it somewhere else and it's so unlike my usual style. Another accused me of ripping off "F Is For Family", which was made long after I drew this (another adage is to never read comments, and it's a tough one to stick to).

I actually love making sketchy comics. It's kind of like intimate handwriting that's just a notch above doodling. Hmmm, if I was smart I'd make more. I wonder if I can ever be smart.