At one time I was contemplating a flight to Italy. I've always wanted to see beautiful Italy. Unfortunately, I was contemplating the trip because Italy had the cheapest price on the drug that would save my mother's life.

My mother had a bad marriage to an Eli Lilly lawyer, and I got to hang around some of those guys. I like to think that at their core they were basically decent people, but what hit me in our brief encounters was their arrogance and materialism. They wanted it to be known that they were the smartest people in the room and owned the finest stuff.

Stuff. It's so much more important than life, according to the people who literally have our lives in their hands. What do I know, right? I'm a dippy cartoonist. I think medicine should be non-profit. I think the people who develop drugs and treat the sick should make a decent living.

I don't think they should  make so much that yachts are an impulse purchase.

Whatever. You can make a killing by developing, marketing and selling drugs. Some people do it legally and some people do it illegally. I'm just not convinced that that all of the people who sell drugs legally are good and that all people who sell drugs illegally are bad.

I just hope that if I ever get a serious illness that it's profitable in the marketplace. Otherwise, there won't be much research on it and I'll be screwed.