Easily Offended



So on Facebook you have the people who spend all day scouring the internet for funny stuff to share, people posting exciting meal updates, people talking about their families, annnnd (my favorite) the easily offended.

I'm not talking about the offended. We all get offended. I'm offended right now. No, I'm talking about people who leap from subject from subject and are very irate. Usually they're sharing some meme that's spurious at best and has no source material. "Studies show people with tattoos beat their children!" That's my current favorite. My studies show that you have to study and name your study before you share your study. But why study when you can get mad at a meme?

Meme rage. Fear it.

What's always weird is that when you're with easily offended Facebook people in person they act normal. You have no idea that something is seething within and they just can't wait to add their voice to, I don't know, cabbage abuse.

So make a game out of it. Read the news and see if you can guess what the easily offended person in your life will select as their personal crusade. It may change several times a day, so you have many chances to play.  I want to tell the easily offended that if everything upsets them it's hard to take anything they say seriously. There's no lull in their outrage.

Now that I think about it, telling them would probably offend them.

You have to properly delegate what you're going to be offended about. Toss cute puppies into the conversation once in awhile. Otherwise you're the boy who cried offensive.