I snapped this picture while driving past the "8 Lucky Buffet".  First of all, why would you call your restaurant 8 Lucky Buffet? Such an odd name. Why not Lucky 8 Buffet?  Anyway, on either side of the building is the nice neon sign that you can see in the photo above. From a distance, and even pretty close up, the casual glance makes it look like the "Blucky Buffet".

I think "Blucky Buffet" might still be a better name than "8 Lucky Buffet". Still, I'm not eating there. Bluck!


So I was passing this semi on the highway, and I couldn't help but notice that it was hauling open containers of dead chickens. I would've followed it to McDonalds, but I already had lunch.

Cool To Do Drugs?

Ok. So my stepdaughter received this pencil at school reading "It's Not Cool To Do Drugs". Did the maker of this anti-drug writing instrument  think  about what will be read once the pencil has been sharpened a couple of times?

The photo was taken with my phone, so I'm not sure you can tell, but the drawing of the sun wearing sunglasses looks a little high to me.